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Get ready to Do That Dance with Alex Young's performance video of her new single, "Don't Play with Me". Purchase this tune @ Radio Stations and DJ's grab this tune for airplay here: Choreographed by Sheryl Murakami. Lyrics Pulled up to the club About 12:30, it was packed to the brim Lord have mercy Scrolled over to the bar to buy me a drink A little cranberry juice, with a lot of vodka squeeze Then a cutie looking at me Like he wanna say somethin' Moved a little closer but his mouth said nothin' Then he grabbed my hand And took me to the dance floor Think it's bout' to go down go down go down The way he movin' it good god Baby, don't leave it would break my heart, my heart Hold up, honey where you think you goin' come ere' Don't play with me You better do that dance, do that dance Don't play with me, you'd better do that dance Do that dance, boy 1:45 and the club's still alive And I'm still moving like I ain't getting tired 2 minutes later heard something go pop In my brand new heels and I wanted to stop Then he turned around and looked straight in my face Shook his head uh-uh no way Said you ain't got nothin' to loose c'mon baby girl Kick off them shoes This is the next level Bass treble Feel it in your spine all we got is time Showstopper, party rocker Booming out your speakers Make you loose your mind I know you gotta be feeling this right DJ turn it up blast it all night Get on it, if you ain't on it And ride it like a rodeo Visit
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