BeautyFull Mind - S.W. the Outro [MUSIC VIDEO] @BeautyFullMind1 @_TopShelfProd_

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@BeautyFullMind1 - S.W. the Outro ( beat by Sonic Will @_TopShelfProd_ ) EVERY SUNDAY releases NEW footage to our website whether it Be MUSIC VIDEOS, Behind The Scenes footage of the shoots, or a look inside TopShelf Productions & Squeaky Door Studios. [FREE] Album, "PODIUM" NOW available for download on the website: WWW.TOPSHELFSD.NET , just go to the Website and click on "SOUNDS" and you're there!!! Follow us and contact us on TWITTER!! Let us know what you think and what you like! We appreciate your support and we value your feedback! Tell a friend to tell a friend - IT'S TOPSHELF! @BeautyFullMind1 @_TopShelfProd_ #TopShelfSundays #beautyfullmind #topshelfsd
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