What is Exposed Vocals?

This is how we roll

Exposed Vocals is the most popular and powerful online musical platform for unsigned artists and bands to share their music with the world.

A New Digital Age

The internet has revolutionized the way music is made, and we believe in helping underground music flourish by providing artists and industry professionals with a direct way to connect.

Exposed Vocals Is here to help!

With over 200,000 unique visitors a month, you'll get your music some serious exposure and promotion.

And introduce yourself to our global community of over 25,000 members and growing, including:
  • Over 85 participating Record Labels
  • 16,000 Unsigned Artists
  • 238 Promotional Companies
  • 118 Publicists
  • 19 Distribution Companies
  • 289 Radio Stations, globally
  • 192 Management Firms
  • 62 Entertainment Lawyers
  • 908 Songwriters
  • 298 Venues
  • 495 A&R Reps
  • 178 Booking Agents
  • 29 Talent Agencies

We also love helping our friends in Choreography, Photography, Modeling, Marketing, Social Media, Internships, Make-up Artistry/Styling, Graphic Designing and Consulting communities to have a place to connect.

Check out our video below to find out how we can help you.

Premium Members get weekly match results and are connecting like never before.

Exposed Vocals utilizes specialized Music Industry Matchmaking software for premium members to allow them to get instant profile match results and connect with music industry professionals on a more personal level. - Go to the Match me tab on the menu bar to get started!

If you feel your work is being stolen or used without your permission, please visit our Copyright infringement section